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Beautifully clean and contemporary by its very nature, we developed this handle ourselves. But look closely, because it’s not just a hole in a door. Not only does the inside of the handle taper out so you can get your fingers in, the backing for the handle is custom too. Wood? Painted? Maybe a different colour? Or brass perhaps? Personal choices and touches that make your kitchen truly yours.


The Ladbroke is our best selling handle, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a beautiful detail - even if you didn’t need a handle it just looks so effortlessly elegant, clients even have it on a push to open door. Made all the better from its simplicity; Pure Scandi.


You have to know what you are doing to make this type of handle work. We’re well known in the kitchen industry as Masters of Ply, and with good reason. We use enough Ply to cover a football pitch every day. Cut by robotic CNC machines to make sure everything is the perfect size, every single door is then hand prepared, hand finished and hand checked before spraying. But don’t just trust us - Order a sample; then the truth is right in front of you.

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