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Limed Grain

A beautiful option for your Pure Scandi fronts is limed grain. Adding a soft and timeless feel to your front, limed grain is an option that is still so cool and contemporary.


A limed grain finish in a kitchen is incredibly popular, as it beautifully balances traditional with contemporary and gives your kitchen a completely unique look. Combining this beautiful grain with the exposed ply sides of a Pure Scandi front, really shows off the beauty of the materials used for our fronts. Our limed grain fronts are available with four different handle options; including J-groove, Midgard, Ladbroke and a completely handle-less scandi front.

Add our limed grain fronts to your Ikea kitchen, for a style that combines function and form, and will forever look beautiful in your home.

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Showing 1 to 9 of 10 (2 Pages)
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