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There are plenty of manufacturers of birch ply, but three stand head and shoulders above the rest; Rigaply from Latvia, Wisa from Finland or Syktyvkar from Siberia.

We like to use 22m thick birch rather than 18 as it just feels so much better. You get a completely different feel when you open a handless door in 22mm - for one thing, it makes the handle deep and therefore easier, but also with the way develop our handles, it makes them much harder wearing

Within these, each has its own special attributes depending on what we are making.

warehouse plywwod

Our plywood supply

warehouse plywwod

Rigaply is one of our ply suppliers

For most projects we like to use Riga as it’s very well made, the birch is exceptionally slow growing - it gets so cold here in winter the sea freezes - and they use a Phenol resin which is very low in formaldehyde. The BB and S grades are lovely.

Syktyvkar make a particularly nice grade in large sheets which is perfect for clear grade. Even slower growing than Latvian birch, the grain patterns are more interesting too.

Wisa panels are from super slow birch. Beautifully made, their S grade takes some real beating, and they hit the low formaldehyde EU standards which is great.

We don’t buy ply from anywhere else.


Lacquer kitchen doors

grain visible finish

We only use high quality paint

The other key element is the paint or lacquer. We buy super hard paint specially made for kitchen doors. It’s just not something you can buy at B&Q. This stuff is a world apart from anything that is made by household names like Farrow & Ball. It’s a two-part paint which exceeds the highest FIRA standard by some considerable margin. You can’t really spray this paint by hand as the dose needs to be perfect. Too much and it won’t dry in the right way and may trap in chemicals which prevent it from going properly hard, too little and it looks poor. We give a Ten-Year guarantee thanks to just how good our finishes are - who else offers that??

butt joint

Production process


Quality check

You may wonder why we share so much information about our expertise which has taken years to develop. Well, it’s simple - just because you watch Bruce Lee movies doesn’t make you a black belt. That’s the whole point about being a pro; making it look easy...


Ladbroke handle

ladbroke production

We love developing new products

We love developing new products, finishes and ideas for kitchens and cabinet doors. It’s actually really exciting stuff, particularly when we are the first. Of course, it doesn’t take the market long to jump on the bandwagon and try to copy us- you’d be amazed just how quickly and blatantly they do this, but that’s life. Except that what we do takes more knowledge and expertise, so the copies are generally rather poor at best. A great example is our Ladbroke handle. Ours is VERY different - have a look at the bottom of this page as to why


We use advanced machinery


Assembling cabinet

The term skunk works originated in WWII at Lockheed Martin when a small team of designers and engineers were given a month to develop and build the first US jet fighter. It’s become something of a legend. Our own skunkworks is perhaps a little less dramatic and life-changing, but we love it. We get to develop new materials, designs and concepts. Some work, some don’t, some are brilliant, and some are just, well, daft. But without trying, how are ever to know.

Now we’re into liquid metal finishes, new handle concepts, and dyed veneers. We’ve already had great success with folded metal, our backed handle designs, splashbacks and our entirely new way to manufacture cabinets that pull themselves square as they are screwed together.

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