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You probably know top quality ply is expensive, so this is honestly worth reading when you are spending a few thousand pounds on your doors...

You need to know what we are doing. Anyone can buy a sheet of ply, a skill saw, a spray gun, compressor and a website and hey presto they make doors. Lovely idea, but there's an awful lot more to it than that.

There's ply and there's ply

Buy the best ply there is. Simple. It's either Rigaply from Latvia, Wisa from Finland or Syktyvkar from Siberia. More expensive yes, but it outclasses at every turn. Each has its own high point. We prefer the Rigaply because they use a phenol resin glue which is much lower formaldehyde, and we find it is just great looking stuff. It's also FSC certified and we love that too.

warehouse plywood

We only buy high quality plywood

warehouse plywood

For most of our projects we use Rigaply

Make sure you understand how an exposed handle detail in cut ply works. If you don't make the backing as we do (no one so far...) just cutting in to ply can expose some nasty colours that ruin the look

ladbroke handle

An Example of perfectly cut ladbroke handle

ladbroke handle b

An Example of how just cutting in to ply can look awful and ruin the look

Oil or clear lacquer? We prefer lacquer but that's because our water-based lacquer is amazing and we trust it so much we're happy to guarantee it for 10 years. Oil is lovely but needs maintenance. And the right oil. By the way, the guarantee on our clear lacquers includes dishwasher doors; we guarantee we know how good our finish is.

Painted ply with exposed edges. Painting door fronts and leaving the edges unfinished is like driving through the rain with the sunroof open. Our lovely friends at Renner Italia developed a super special new type of primer just for us which is clear. So when we prime the doors before painting the faces, twice, the edges get coated and finished too.



The quality of the finish is the most important thing. It's the bit you look at the whole time, touch the whole time, and must protect the ply the whole time.

ladbroke kitchen

Ladbroke handle

midgard handle

Midgard handle

So Always get a sample. The paint must be smooth. If it's gritty, forget it.If it has a slightly dimpled appearance close up, known as orange peel, bin it - too much paint has trapped in glycols which means the paint is useless.

ladbroke sample

Our ladbroke sample

midgard handle

Midgard handle sample

Looks patchy? - the bane of even the best hand sprayers - then the coat is uneven. Our supplier, Renner Italia, an Italian company you’ve likely never have heard of - make proper, super hard-wearing industrial strength coatings - and one of their best sellers is paint for nuclear submarines. Seriously. Always buy a sample. Put ours next to anyone's. As we say, anyone can buy a spray gun, stick some paint on a bit of ply and call it a door.


We make sure that paint colour is always accurate


Lacquering our fronts

Forget the romanticism of hand tools - even our finest cabinet makers of thirty years' experience making some of the finest furniture around tell us they can never beat the accuracy and speed of our computerised machinery. Of course, when they hand finish that’s a different matter altogether... 'Hand tools' are a euphemism for a man in a shed. If you want an inefficient, inferior product at a higher price, handmade is the place for you.


Every single item is finished by hand


We always pay attention to the quality of the finish

Why our finish? Because we run two enormous robotic spray lines which make our finish unbeatable - but never forget that every single item gets finished by hand. That's why so many bespoke kitchen companies contract us to make their custom fronts for them.

grain visible finish

Our grain visible finish


We make sure that quality of our products is always exceptional

We buy an awful lot of ply. Buying by the truckload ensures we buy at the absolute lowest rates around. Another reason we are such compelling value.

We're not known in the industry as 'Masters of Ply' for nothing... We've been designing and manufacturing the finest plywood kitchens and fronts for over a decade with our sister companies Naked Kitchens, Naked Doors and Norfolk Oak with over two thousand beautiful kitchens and nearly 100,000 doors to our credit.

warehouse plywood

For all of our doors - except appliance doors - we use 22mm thick ply

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