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Why Us

There are rather a few reasons why clients ask us to make their doors.

We know ply, we know finishing, and our designs are great. And of course, at 22mm thick, our doors are simply more solid and shout luxury. But the lightbulb moment for most is when they visit. We appreciate you may not have time, so have a look down at the bottom of this page to see a bit more about us and the workshop - this stuff is expensive and it’s genuinely worth knowing a bit more about us.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and when you are spending significant amounts on expensive items you need a company that really do know what they are about.

painted woodgrain

We offer different finishes to our fronts

ladbroke handle close up

Painted ply is incredible option for your kitchen

We always strongly urge clients to get a sample so you can put our doors next to anyone else’s. We genuinely invite competition, and nothing will prove it faster than actually having it in your hand. For example, sticking a hole in a door does not make a handle; there’s more to it than that.

Our manufacturing process is quite a bit different and more complex than it looks. It’s highly automated and highly optimised, which is why despite making the best doors by miles, we are generally less expensive. Yet every piece is always hand sanded and finished before we coat it, as this attention to detail is crucial


We manufacture all of our components by computer


All of our fronts are finished by hand

Our finishing is literally second to none. We run two enormous robotic spray lines that deliver the exact amount of paint, down to the gram per square meter, to get the perfect finish. We only use water-based paints, and then we dry them in a special seventy-meter-long moving oven, finishing it off with a massive dose of UV.

Naked Kitchens Skunk Works. We are at the cutting edge of design and manufacturing - have a look at our skunkworks to see why we lead the field, all the time


One of our four CNC machines


CNC machines are very precise and fast

Here’s an idea of how it goes through our system.

When we take an order, it is programmed into a highly sophisticated bit of software that mixes all our orders together to make sure we use every drop of ply on a sheet. Our wastage is less than 5%. A big saving on doing it manually. We cut it on one of our four CNC machines.


We use sophisticated computer system


Computer system optimizes all the materials with virtually no wastage

It’s then sanded through an automated sander to get it ready, and if it has a handless design then the backing is prepared and glued in. It’s then finish by hand where it gets a final QC check before spraying. Into the spray line, it has as many as four costs per side depending on the finish. It’s then checked for quality again before going to wrapping. During wrapping, it’s checked again for quality. There’s just no point in sending anything out that will come straight back at us.




J-Groove handle

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